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Tastes Like Chicken

On Saturday night we watched a friend’s 4 year old daughter.  Moose and Zee’s Beside the Seaside segment was playing on Noggin, inspiring a story from our guest.

“See the crab?” she asked.  “Did you know you can eat crabs?  You cook them and open them up, and there’s chicken inside!”


How’s that?

While I sat eating breakfast this morning, Ava walked up to me and cheerfully asked, “What eating, Daddy?”. 

I looked at her sleepily and replied, “Toast”.

She glanced at her feet then back to me, eyes widening in fear.  In a barely whispered voice, she breathed, “Toes?”

Is that you, Elvis?

This morning, Preston said what I believe to be his first full sentence.  When they woke up…before 6:30 a.m…ugh…Preston handed Cat to me to carry downstairs for him.  When I took it, he said something I didn’t quite understand.  So I asked him, “Did you say thank you or take it?”  He leveled me a when-will-you-start-listening-to-me look and said, “No Daddy.  I say tank you, tank you ver much.”

Here Goes Nothing…

Today is a milestone for the twins, and also for us.  I’ve modified their cribs into daybeds and put them down for a nap.  Sigh.  Do they have to grow up so fast?  I’m not sure I’m ready for this.