It’s My Potty

We decided it was time to start thinking about potty training.

Believe me, I’d be ecstatic to never have to buy another box of diapers.  And by the way, has anyone else noticed how the prices of diapers went up?  A lot?  Then, while prices remained the same, they significantly decreased the number of diapers per box?  Sneaky bastards.  But I digress…

Here’s the thing.  I really want the kids to be potty trained.  But I want to BE there.  I don’t look forward to the idea of getting there.

So we brought home their potty chairs in advance of the inevitable.  We thought that if the kids got used to the idea of the chairs being in the house, it might be less of an issue when we start using them for their intended purpose.

Potty Hat

Considering they both think the potty bowls make fantastic hats, I think we’ve still got a way to go.


3 responses to “It’s My Potty

  1. My daughter (a long time ago, she is almost 22 now) used her potty chair as a chair to sit on to watch videos. In her mind it had nothing to do with “potty” at all! Gotta love kids!

  2. Our little guys was very excited about the potty at first and enjoyed Daddy and T’s Potty Bonding Time. After a couple of weeks of him not doing anything but sitting there watching me, he decided “no potty!” and now refuses it any time I offer. Ah well. Some day.

  3. Hopefully you are already done with potty training but if not, check out “Once Upon a Potty”. Try not to be mad at me when you get the song stuck in your head.

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