In A Word

Has it really been three months since I posted an update?  Wow!  Life has a way, doesn’t it?

The twins have been walking and running for some time now, resulting in more doors, gates and compartmentalization than a navy vessel.  Consequently, this has also resulted in numerous stubbed toes, banged knees and near-castrations for the paternal units of the household as we continue learning to navigate the new lay of the land. 

We’ve always known we were going to have to change the way we talked around the house.  In fact, it’s a discussion we’ve had on a fairly regular basis.  As a Navy veteran, I’ll attest that “curses like a sailor” isn’t all hype, and with the stresses of day-to-day life and the growing pains of parenthood, I’ll be the first to admit kicking the habit hasn’t been an easy task. 

Our fantastic duo has quickly been refining their coos, raspberries and nonsensical blabbering into some sort of verbal finesse.  Ava especially enjoys mimicking Daddy and Papa, picking words out of our conversations and blurting them back at us with distinct clarity to our slack-jawed amazement. 

As their vocabulary continues to grow, we’ve become more creative in our use of colorful language, resorting to spelling forbidden words, using the big ones by first letter, and simply deepening our already well-established sense of sarcasm. 

The bright side is I’m sure this S-H-I-T won’t F-up our kids, or send them running to a G-D shrink.  This MF-ing B-S is hard!  Sorry.  What I mean is, I’m certain none of this will have lasting impacts on our children nor will it ever come up in a therapy session one day.  This has been a difficult concept for us to put into practice.

My main concern now, other than sounding like complete idiots when we talk is, what the H-E-L-L are we going to do when they learn to spell?


5 responses to “In A Word

  1. Good to read an update! My little brother has two-year old twins and I know how busy they can keep parents ;o)

  2. I love your blog!!
    Good for both of you, what you did took guts and dedication. Keep up the great work!

  3. Very funny- I can totally relate. We have 10 month old twins and we’ve already given up cussing. Well, I’m really, really trying in hopes that once they’re talking, I won’t have to worry. But when you hit your head on the corner of the hood over the stove, nothing seems to work better than a few good ol’ fashioned explatives!

    I love your blog – mind if I post a link to it on mine? This is the only one I’ve found with gay dads with twins. We have twin boys, via surrogacy.

  4. Hi, found your blog via another blog and so forth. This post absolutely cracked me up. We have a 2 year old and are going through the same spelling S-H-I-T. We absolutely cannot stop laughing each time we actually go through the effort of spelling a curse word.

    Your family is adorable! I bow down to any one raising twins. May your potty training work out for you. 🙂

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